Franziska Gumpfer and Benedikt Gratzl are the driving force behind TAKTKOMM.

We are united not only by a passion for all aspects of communication, but also by many years of working together (both as contractors and co-workers) in the demanding world of Swiss and international finance. The confidence of being able to rely on a sparring partner who fully understands the other’s talents, while at the same time nurturing a spirit of inspiration and innovation, makes for a strong duo whose skills complement each other perfectly. Our customers are the ones who ultimately benefit from this.

Franziska Gumpfer-Keller,
Dr. phil. I, EMBA HSG

After an early career teaching in grammar schools and adult education institutes, Franziska Gumpfer-Keller decided to move into communications on the agency side. Over a period of 12 years she provided strategic advice to various customers from a range of different industries and in very diverse situations, as well as devising and implementing comprehensive communication solutions. From July 2010 up to the end of November 2013 she held a management post in the Corporate Marketing & Corporate Communications department of Bank Sarasin & Co. Ltd, where she played a key support role in the bank's important strategic projects in the front office and acted as international spokesperson for the Sarasin Group.



«Communication requires an opposite number. A sparring partner is essential if you want to try things out. When it comes to creating value, two heads are better than one. That’s what makes Benedikt and myself such a strong team for our clients.»


Franziska Gumpfer originally studied history and pedagogic psychology at the University of Zurich and subsequently completed an executive MBA at the University of St. Gallen. As part of her continuing professional development, she is currently studying to qualify as a business coach/advisor with the isi/bso network of professionals.

Franziska Gumpfer is a Swiss citizen, was born and lives in Zurich, and is married.


Benedikt Gratzl,
Dr. rer. pol.


«Working with TAKTKOMM allows customers to benefit directly from the vast know-how of two highly experienced communication professionals with complementary skills. We consistently apply our diverse knowledge and different perspectives, along with our shared understanding of communications, to the success of our clients.»


As Head of Corporate Marketing & Corporate Communications from April 2002 till the end of November 2013, Benedikt Gratzl was responsible for the corporate identity and for the PR and media work of Bank Sarasin & Co. Ltd in Switzerland, as well as the entire Sarasin Group at international level. During this time he also built up the bank’s sustainability management, where he headed up the relevant team until the summer of 2012. He was committed to delivering credible and sustainable corporate communications and made a significant contribution to the bank’s efforts to position sustainability as a unique selling proposition (USP) in a highly competitive industry environment.

Before that, Benedikt Gratzl worked in the marketing department of Zurich Airport Authority and as an assistant to the CEO of the Swiss Bankers Association. He completed his education in 1997 with a PhD in business and economics from the University of Basel.

Born in Munich, Benedikt Gratzl is a Swiss citizen and lives in Arisdorf (BL). He is married with two children.