TAKTKOMM – our name says it all.

The combination of «tact» and «comm(unications)» («Takt» and «Kommunikation» in German) in the company name incorporates all aspects of communication that we feel are important and which you, the customer, can count on at all times:

Communication means dictating the rhythm.

We work with you to find the right rhythm for your communication. This ensures we attract the necessary attention. Repetition is a vital success factor for effective communication, as it makes a lasting impression and drives home the key points of the message.

Communication requires tact.

We help you find the right tone to make sure people listen to your message. A different tone of voice may be required for each target group. By using the right sound mix, you make sure you hit the mark with your target group.

Communication involves tactics.

We plan the details of communication with you – who, what, how and when? An intelligent and systematic approach, plus the ability to skilfully exploit situations to your advantage, are the key to skilful and effective communication.

Communication calls for a proactive approach.

We help you to act in a sustainable way. Together we carry out a comprehensive review of the consequences of your decisions so as to fully utilise the available opportunities, and make sure you are well prepared for all potential scenarios. With us at your side, you will find suitable answers to the relevant questions.

Communication must be in the here and now.

We make sure your interests are heard. Whether you are trying to make an impression internally or externally, we will find the right vehicles and channels for your messages. To achieve credibility and reliability in the current climate, it is vital to establish a powerful position and give the target audience the opportunity to experience it first-hand.