Welcome to TAKTKOMM.

As a full-service PR agency, we are able to offer everything necessary to support your communications and make them more effective. Although we are based in Zurich, our activities cover the whole of Switzerland. We also have our own network of international partners as well as contacts to provide global media coverage.

At TAKTKOMM we see communication as a strategic tool which – if implemented correctly – enables people and organisations to position themselves more distinctly and convey their message more clearly. Our job is on the one hand to support our customers in implementing their strategy and achieving their business objectives, and on the other hand to sharpen and continuously refine their public profile and image.

Founded by two highly experienced professionals with complementary skills in the field of communications, TAKTKOMM’s mission is to deliver unrivalled service and measurable success to its customers. Professionalism, quality and discretion are the watchwords of the founding partners.


The combination of «tact» and «comm(unications)» («Takt» and «Kommunikation» in German) in the firm’s name is meant to exemplify the flawless approach that TAKTKOMM strives for as your preferred communications partner. Our initiatives are actively planned and then implemented in a highly tactical manner, with great sensitivity – another form of tact – towards all the relevant target groups. In other words, we work with and for the client to find exactly the right tone for every communication, thereby making an immediate impression and lasting impact.