TAKTKOMM offers communication services on fair terms.

In addition to working closely with the customer, we firmly believe that the key to long-term success is a high level of commitment and strong identification with the message being communicated. We therefore insist on a clear analysis of the background to the assignment, an equally clear description of the requirements and expectations when placing the assignment, and a working relationship that is based on an equal partnership.

At TAKTKOMM we work together as a strong two-man team so that one of us is always there for the customer. We think strategically, but are also perfectly capable of acting on our own initiative.

We create value-added for our clients by bringing together different approaches, perspectives and methodologies into the process of finding solutions and implementing practical measures.

We are always scrupulous in the way we handle mandates. Whether quoting a price for a project based on an hourly or daily rate: we are used to working in a cost-efficient manner and keeping within budget.